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A top performer in wind: The rotor blade

Rotor blades are exposed to rain, frost and lightning strikes or even sea air during their entire operating life – so they need care.

Certified quality and 25 years of experience as well as an extensive damage database (over 15 years of damage collection, 3,000 WTGs, over 100 blade types, detailed damage descriptions) make ROBUR WIND the most reliable partner for inspection, maintenance, optimization, repair and service of your rotor blades. We also offer customized monitoring packages for preventive and predictive maintenance of rotor blades, as well as safety checks, major component replacement, corrosion protection, testing for rotor imbalances and blade angle measurement. All these measures not only extend the service life, but also noticeably increase the yields of your wind turbine. And if the service life does come to an end, rotor blade recycling is part of our portfolio. We are constantly developing our services further – together with research, partners and our customers.

In the event of damage, our team is on site immediately – in Germany and throughout Europe, with offices in Spain, Portugal and Serbia. In the USA. And with certified partners soon in France, Sweden, South America and India.
Our perfectly trained teams work under the highest HSE standards. They use innovative tools and materials, and their database-driven and certified processes guarantee efficient and sustainable blade service – from damage assessment to repair.
For preventive maintenance of your rotor blades, we use our working platform technology or rope access technology. We offer full service for the maintenance of all available rotor blade types. We are also the ideal partner for upgrades such as pitch optimization, vortex generators or aerodynamic optimization of your wind turbine.
We offer reliable service with perspective.
As a guarantee for calculated yields of your wind turbines.
On- and offshore.


Our complete package for the inspection of rotor blades combines data collection through internal, external and standardized checklists with processing and evaluation in a detailed report including post-processing for preventive maintenance. We combine the resulting expert analysis of all damage with suggestions for repair and maintenance measures.

Our inspection portfolio at a glance:

Inspection rotor blade

Inspection rotor blade

The inspection is carried out by means of:

Repair & Maintenance

We offer reliable, standardized or manufacturer-specified solutions for the repair of rotor blades using rope access technology, cherry pickers or rotor blade access equipment. On-site repairs have the great advantage of eliminating transport logistics while minimizing downtime.

Rotor blade repair at a glance:

Repair & Maintenance Rotor Blade

Repair or maintenance is done by means of:


Together with our partners, we help our customers to ensure a longer service life of the rotor blades.

We offer the following optimizations:

Service Innovations

No matter whether you need help with completing a major project or just minor repairs, our Service Intelligence Project allows us to develop integrated service concepts together with our partners for making our customers‘ existing wind turbines more productive in the long run:


retroX – digital Transparency for Existing plants

3M Vortex Generator

The installation of 3M Vortex Generators on the blades increases the turbine´s performance

3M Wind Protection Tape

With the application oft he 3M Wind Protection tape leading edge erosion can be significantly reduced and even be eliminated

Bladena D-String und D-Stiffener

The blade retrofit with Bladena D-String and D-Stiffener protects rotor blades from structural damages from the max chord to mid span region. This leads to longer live time and more performance.

PolyTech ELLE Softshell

The PolyTech ELLE Softshell protects the leading edge from erosion.

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